Still on vacation, will be back soon xoxo

Are you gonna post new pictures soon? I know their for artistic purposes. But I'm tired of sifting through the old comments to find pictures to fap to

Lol yes I will haha. Just busy with school right now. I only look at tumblr on my phone. Last week of school so almost over stay tuned. You can always send me a message and I can link you to my special Twitter where I post pics

You ate too cute I jackoff to your pics all the time

Hehehehehehehehehehh lol

Spit or swallow???

Both. Depends

Would love for you to cum on my tongue

You wish don’t you hmmm :)

is it ok that i jack off to your pictures ?

It’s perfectly normal to. Not gonna stop you.

Got any pics you can post of when you were younger, non nude would be be great too! Just like to see how gorgeous you were when younger too!God you are amazing!!!!!!! Gary:)

Haha, I’d have to look for those, it’s harder to find since no fb during that time  and I don’t think I took much pics then, we’ll see.

hey, just wanted to say that i really lik eyour pics.. you have natural beauty and thats special.. also .. you have really pretty feet lol.. ever tjhought about posting a pic of them in some way?

Lol thank you :) No not really hehe, I might post a pic.

Doesn't it creep you out that at any given moment there are a couple hundred men & some women fantasizing about fucking you . & getting off to your pics right now?

No not at all. It’s part of life.

You ever had your butt ate?


You are too beautiful girly <3 :) can't get enough of your amazing modeling! :)

Thank you dear :)

What is the favorite part of your body and wud you suck a cock

Uhm hard to think, I guess my face and my smile best. Yes it’s one of my favorite things to do.

lovly body can i eat u

Hehehe. Sure. Enjoy your meal its super tasty :)

You have an awesome blog and i especially like your nipples they are so big and round very much a turn on

Lol thanks, my boobs aren’t my fav part of my body lol

Send a message where

Here, but you’d have to be un-anonymous ‘cause I reply privately.